1/8 NPT Input Port 3-Way Normally Closed Control Valves

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Pneumadyne’s 1/8 NPT input 3-way normally closed valves feature anodized and electroless nickel plating for superior corrosion resistance. Their compact size makes them ideal for applications with limited space. Four styles and four control configurations are available to meet your application requirements.
Our “0” Series valves feature swivel inputs for valve alignment and non-threaded exhaust ports for easy pressure release. “3” Series valves also feature swivel inputs and 10-32 (F) exhaust ports to direct process exhaust. “11” Series valves feature swivel output ports and utilize push-to-connect fittings for easy connection and disconnection. “300” Series valves can be directly mounted to a manifold or machine member and are suitable for vacuum applications up to 26 Hg.
All styles are available in push button, detented toggle, momentary toggle, and ball control configurations. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.
Order 1/8 NPT 3-way normally closed control valves for your application. Contact Pneumadyne to learn more.
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