Check Valves

Check Valves

Check valves are extremely simple devices yet they serve an important purpose in many pneumatic circuits.  Generally used in systems where back flow is not permitted, check valves allow free flow in one direction and block flow in the opposite direction.  They can also be used as a bypass valve, allowing media around components such as needle valves which restrict flow in both directions.

To meet the needs of your application, Pneumadyne manufactures a variety of Check Valves with threaded, barbed and push-to-connect ports.  Our durable valves feature cracking pressures of 0.1 and 0.5 psi to quickly allow flow through the output port.


  • Variety of porting options
  • Low cracking pressure
  • Electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance
  • Durable brass construction
  • Compact inline or port mounting styles

Pneumatic Components & Systems Manufacturing

Pneumadyne is a manufacturer of standard miniature pneumatic valves. We can also assist you with design and engineering of custom pneumatic components or full pneumatic control systems.

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