Pneumatic Solutions for Food & Beverage Applications

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Pneumatics often plays a large role in the equipment used throughout the Food & Beverage Industry. Several food processing equipment manufacturers rely on Pneumadyne components to make, dispense or preserve food and beverage products. Many of our barbed fittings, miniature pneumatic solenoid valves, directional control valves and solenoid operated valves are used in applications that:

  • Preserve wine
  • Dispense condiments
  • Filter water
  • Clean food processing equipment
  • Dispense milkshakes

Custom Pneumatic Products

Developing custom products that meet our customers’ defined performance requirements has been a priority since Pneumadyne’s inception. Our pneumatic knowledge and expertise is an advantage when you are developing products and control systems for use in food processing equipment. Pneumadyne engineers can often evaluate system specifications and design an efficient manifold system or valve block, consolidating pneumatic components and easing installation. Using an integrated assembly saves space, time & money, eliminates potential leak points and improves the appearance of the circuit.

Read about how Pneumadyne re-designed a pneumatic circuit for the preservation of wine, resulting in a smaller and more efficient machine.

If you are evaluating an existing circuit or developing a circuit for a new piece of equipment, contact Pneumadyne for your pneumatic needs.

Standard Pneumatic Products

Several of Pneumadyne’s standard pneumatic components are used in a variety of food and beverage applications.

  • Stainless steel and brass fittings are available in a variety of styles, sizes and configurations to connect pneumatic components throughout your equipment.
  • For plumbing convenience, our directional control valves feature numerous porting options and configurations.
  • Pneumadyne solenoid valves are a space saving, cost effective solution for the use of multiple valves. Four series are offered to ensure that your voltage, connector and flow rate requirements are met.

Pneumadyne products that are frequently used in food processing equipment are featured below.

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