Pneumatic Manifolds

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Pneumatic manifolds provide a convenient junction point for the distribution of fluids or gases and are used to provide pneumatic power to two or more locations to supply multiple tools. Simply thread pneumatic fittings into the ports of the distribution block to produce an organized method of supplying multiple lines from a single source. Air manifolds come in various port options and different material types for low and high-pressure applications.

Pneumadyne has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of pneumatic manifolds since 1976. We offer a wide selection of styles and sizes to ensure that your plumbing and installation requirements are met.

Pneumatic Manifold Advantages

  • 2 to 10 station air manifolds
  • Variety of sizes & configurations
  • Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, polypropylene & nylon materials
  • Aluminum pneumatic manifolds are black anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Precision machined
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How to Choose the Right Pneumatic Manifold

Manifolds are used as a junction point for the distribution of compressed air and gases in a pneumatic system. When choosing an air manifold, you need to consider factors such as application type, operating temperature and the maximum flow and pressure range required for your pneumatic system. Material choice is also important, which is why we offer several manifold material options to meet your application requirements.

What Are the Advantages of Different Pneumatic Air Manifold Materials?

  • Aluminum (black anodized) is a resilient material that provides increased strength and wear. Black anodized aluminum manifolds are also non-conductive and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for a range of plumbing applications for pneumatic systems. In addition to black, there are thirty colors of anodic coatings available to create a custom look or color code your pneumatic system.
  • Brass is highly durable and is ductile in high temperature applications. It is also corrosion resistant and provides long-lasting durability, making it an ideal material for fluid handling pneumatic applications.
  • Stainless Steel provides high performance and durability in harsh environments due to its corrosion resistance. Stainless steel pneumatic manifolds are suitable for air, gas or fluid applications.
  • Polypropylene a lightweight, inexpensive and chemical-resistant material that is suitable for low pressure pneumatic system applications involving air or water. Polypropylene manifolds are commonly used in instrumentation, fluid handling, washdown and laboratory applications.
  • Nylon has a high tensile strength and resists abrasion. Nylon manifolds are best for low pressure applications involving air or water and are used for many of the same applications as polypropylene.

Precision Machined Air Manifolds in a Range of Sizes & Configurations

Pneumadyne provides two to 10-station aluminumbrassstainless steelpolypropylene and nylon pneumatic manifolds with port sizes ranging from 10-32 (F) to ¾ NPT (F). To accommodate the installation of larger pneumatic control valves or fittings, aluminum air manifolds with 1.5” center-to-center output port spacing are available.
  • 90° Manifolds: For plumbing convenience, our aluminum valve manifolds are available with output ports at 90°. Standard and 1.5” center-to-center output spacing provide added versatility for the installation of larger fittings or valves.
  • Dual Air ManifoldsPneumadyne’s dual air manifolds feature two separate pneumatic manifolds in one block, allowing two independent flow paths (i.e. pressure on one side, vacuum on the other) to be plumbed at the same location.
  • Terminal Blocks: Terminal distribution blocks offer a tee configuration and are available with 10-32 (F), 1/8 NPT (F) and ¼ NPT (F) thread sizes.
  • Junction BlocksJunction blocks feature a union configuration. Four, six, eight, and 10-station blocks are available with 10-32 (F), 1/8 NPT (F) and ¼ NPT (F) ports.
In addition to our standard line of over 300 pneumatic manifolds, junction blocks, and terminal blocks, we welcome the opportunity to design and manufacture custom manifold blocks that fit your specific application requirements.

Contact Us for Pneumatic Components & Systems Manufacturing

Pneumadyne is a manufacturer of standard miniature pneumatic manifolds and lubrication distribution blocks. We can also assist you with design and engineering of custom air manifolds or full pneumatic control systems.

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