Aluminum Pneumatic Manifolds

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Pneumadyne’s aluminum pneumatic manifolds are a convenient junction point for the distribution of media in a variety of fluid handling applications. Quickly create an organized method of supplying multiple lines from a single source by threading pneumatic fittings into the ports. Our standard aluminum manifold offering can easily accommodate the plumbing and installation requirements of your pneumatic control systems.

The Pneumadyne Advantage

  • Thread sizes range from 10-32 (F) to 3/8 NPT (F)
  • Two to 10-stations
  • Black anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Mounting versatility

Pneumatic Aluminum Manifold Features:

  • Porting Options: For plumbing convenience, thread sizes for the input ports range from 1/8 NPT (F) to ¾ NPT (F) and output ports range from 10-32 UNF (F) to 3/8 NPT (F). Two input ports are available to supply pressure to the output ports. Simplify tubing installation by using push-to-connect fittings in the manifold ports.
  • Multiple Stations: Two to 10-station aluminum manifolds are available to distribute fluids or gases throughout your application. Unused stations can be plugged to block flow through the port.
  • Output Spacing Options: To accommodate the spaced needed for the installation of larger pneumatic components, our aluminum manifolds are also available with 1.5” center-to-center output port spacing.
  • Anodized Finish: Our anodized aluminum manifolds are sent through a process which produces a non-conductive coating that provides corrosion and wear resistance. Our signature color is black, however, over thirty colors of anodic coatings are available to match your system requirements. Contact the factory for more information on colored anodized manifolds.
  • Additional Configurations: In addition to our standard inline manifolds, we also manufacture manifolds with 90° Output Ports, Dual Air Manifolds, Terminal Blocks and Junction Blocks to fit a variety of control system requirements.

Pneumadyne has been designing and manufacturing aluminum manifolds since 1976. In addition to our standard offering of over 300 manifolds, terminal blocks and junction blocks, we can design and manufacture custom manifolds to fit your specific specifications. Contact the factory for your custom manifold needs.

Pneumatic Components & Systems Manufacturing

Pneumadyne is a manufacturer of standard anodized aluminum manifolds. We can also assist you with design and engineering of custom pneumatic components or full control systems.

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