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Providing fluid handling solutions that meet our customers’ defined performance requirements has been a priority since Pneumadyne’s inception, setting us apart in the miniature pneumatics industry.  Our experienced engineers welcome the opportunity to assist in the design and manufacture of pneumatic control systems and custom directional control valves, fittings or manifolds. Whether you need standard pneumatic components or custom pneumatic products, we take the time to understand your application and recommend components and systems that best fit your requirements.

Rely on Pneumadyne’s fluid power expertise, design experience and manufacturing capabilities when developing your fluid handling applications. 

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Our expertise is an advantage when:

Design assistance is needed for circuitry and selecting components

Our extensive fluid power knowledge ensures an efficient design that will meet the unique requirements of each application.  We will work closely with you from the development stage through prototype to production, guaranteeing the function you need and the quality you expect.

Assembly time and cost must be reduced

When designing new or evaluating existing fluid handling systems, Pneumadyne engineers also consider the time and cost involved in assembling the final product.  By consolidating components we can help ease product assembly, saving time and money.  Integrating components through good design also eliminates potential leak-points and improves the appearance of the circuit.

Performance of the existing circuit needs to be improved

Our sales and engineering team can take a fresh look at your fluid handling system and define potential areas of improvement.  Whether you need to improve system flow, eliminate leak-points or increase actuation speed, you can rely on our expertise in component & system design to accomplish your goals.  In-house precision manufacturing ensures high quality products that meet & exceed application specifications.

Limited space is an issue

Pneumadyne has always specialized in miniature pneumatic components.  As customers demand smaller, more compact products, our experience in the design & manufacture of miniature components is an advantage.  From our tiniest barbed fittings to our sub-micro valves, we can achieve the function required in the space allotted.

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