Pneumatic Tubing & Accessories

Pneumatic tubing

To complete the connections within your pneumatic control systems, Pneumadyne offers a variety of polyurethane tubing and accessory components.

The Pneumadyne Advantage:

  • Variety of sizes, colors & configurations
  • Coils, Multi-Color Ribbon & Multi-Bore tubing available
  • Compact brass Quick Disconnects
  • Micro Couplers for mounting versatility
  • Static Bulkhead Connectors for multiple lines
  • Ribbon Tube Connector is ideal for Multi-Color Ribbon tubing

Pneumatic Tubing from Pneumadyne

Several sizes, durometers and variations of polyurethane tubing are available for use with our miniature pneumatic fittings. Numerous colors are offered to code the lines within an application for easier identification. Our polyurethane tubing is extremely flexible and has excellent memory, is kink & abrasion resistant as well as resistant to chemicals, water, fuel, oil and fungus (contact factory for compatibility chart).

Choose from the following to connect the pneumatic components within your system:

  • Single Tubing
  • Multi-Bore Tubing
  • Multi-Color Ribbon Tubing
  • Polyurethane Coils
  • Tube Cutters
  • Tube Racks
  • Micro Couplers: Micro Couplers are used in systems where rapid and repeated connecting and disconnecting of fluid conductors is required. They are ideal for use on test equipment, patch systems, quick set-ups of machines, jigs and fixtures. Micro couplers offer an easy solution for the connection and disconnection of single tubing.
  • Quick Disconnects: Pneumadyne offers one of the smallest automatic quick disconnect couplings with a shut-off valve on the market. Select from three plug connector styles and four socket connector styles that offer an easy method of connecting and disconnecting single tubing lines.
  • Static Bulkhead Connectors: Pneumadyne’s Bulkhead Connectors are a fast, convenient method of connecting multiple tubing lines in a control panel or on a machine. The one-piece design features ¼ and 5/32 push-in connectors or ¼-28 UNF threads and accommodates four to 12 tubing lines.
  • Ribbon Tube Connectors: The Ribbon Tube Connector easily connects and disconnects sections of a system, ensuring fast installation of multiple tube lines. The combination of the Pneumadyne Ribbon Tube Connector with multi-bore or multi-color ribbon tubing provides a cost effective method of routing multi-tubing and eliminates the need for spiral wrap or jacketing.

Rely on Pneumadyne tubing and accessories to connect the components in your fluid handling application.

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