Pressure Regulators for Pneumatic Systems

Pressure Regulators for Pneumatic Systems
Pressure Regulators for Pneumatic Systems

The primary purpose of pressure regulators is to ensure that compressed air in a pneumatic system is not wasted. Installing a pressure regulator that is too large for your system will increase air usage and waste energy. Therefore, properly sizing and setting your pressure regulator is crucial for efficient air consumption.

Pneumadyne Pressure Regulators

To meet the needs of your pneumatic application, Pneumadyne manufactures both relieving and non-relieving pressure regulators, as well as miniature precision pressure regulators. A variety of porting options are also available for plumbing convenience.

  • Relieving Pressure Regulators are engineered to maintain a constant, preset downstream pressure.
  • Non-Relieving Pressure Regulators are designed for downstream pressure maintenance in liquid applications.
  • Miniature Precision Pressure Regulators provide highly accurate pressure control in a compact package.
Request a quote on the pressure regulator(s) you need, or contact Pneumadyne for more information.

Pressure Regulator Features

  • Numerous sizes & styles available to meet your needs
  • Swivel ports for critical alignment
  • Anodized & plated for corrosion resistance
  • Direct gauge mount to output (11 Series)
  • Mounting versatility

Pneumatic Components & Systems Manufacturing

Pneumadyne is a manufacturer of standard miniature pneumatic valves, pressure regulators, and more. We can also assist you with design and engineering of customized pneumatic components or full pneumatic control systems. Request a quote or contact us today!


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