Pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valves

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Commonly referred to as QEV valves, QEVs, or quick dump valves, Quick Exhaust Valves are designed to increase the cycle speed of a cylinder in a pneumatic system. Depending upon your actuation requirements, installing a pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valve at the blind end or rod end of your cylinder will result in rapid retraction or rapid extension. When pressure is removed from the Quick Exhaust Valve’s input port, backflow at the output 

Pneumatic QEV Features

  • Allows rapid cylinder return
  • Multiple porting options
  • Male pipe thread for direct cylinder mount
  • Anodized & plated for corrosion resistance
  • Swivel cylinder port for critical alignment
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Pneumadyne’s Pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valves

To meet the unique plumbing needs of your application, Pneumadyne manufactures a wide variety of QEV valves with threaded or push-to-connect ports. Depending on the selected configuration, our durable quick dump valves can relieve 100 in3 of air in as little as one second.

The Pneumatic System Experts

Pneumadyne offers Quick Exhaust Valves in numerous configurations and with a range of port sizes and capacities. If you’re not sure which QEV valve model is right for your pneumatic system, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will review your system’s specifications and help you determine which quick dump valve best meets your needs.

Pneumatic Components & Systems Manufacturing

Pneumadyne manufactures a standard offering of miniature pneumatic valves. We can also assist you with design and engineering of custom pneumatic components or full pneumatic control systems.

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