Pneumatic Valve Accessories

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Control valves are used to control pressure and flow in a pneumatic system, but they require the use of additional accessories to provide smooth and efficient operation. Accessories including gauges, operators, switches, foot pedals and mounting brackets are used for the installation and operation of pneumatic control valves. It is important to choose accessories that are compatible with your pneumatic valves to ensure safety and accuracy, and to increase efficiency and productivity.
Pneumatic control valve accessories help ensure optimal performance and are an essential component in a pressure control system. Electric switches help bridge the communication gap between a valve operator and control system, helping to control accuracy. Various styles of operators allow for manual and pneumatic actuation of control valves and mounting brackets are used to mount directional control valves to machinery.

Control Valve Accessories Designed for Compatibility

Pneumadyne offers a variety of control valve accessories to customize and enhance our standard product offering. Designed for use with most of Pneumadyne’s pneumatic valves, our rugged operators offer several actuation options to easily fit system requirements. Installing operators on standard push button valves provides several benefits including a greater tactile surface which reduces user fatigue and a consistent appearance when used in control panels. An assortment of colors is also available for function identification.
The combination of Pneumadyne's control valves and valve accessories ensures the pneumatic functionality you need while providing the appearance you desire. Request a quote for control valve accessories or contact us to learn more.

Accessories for Pneumatic Control Valves

The combination of Pneumadyne’s control valves and valve accessories ensures the pneumatic functionality you need while providing the appearance you desire. We provide a wide range of pneumatic control valve accessories including:
  • Air Operated Electric Switches: UL approved pneumatic interface switch that converts air pressure signals into electrical signals. Features 18-gauge copper wire and a maximum actuation of 100 psi. Available in Contacts Open or Contacts Closed options.
  • Oil Tight Operator: features a selection of push buttons in flush, raised and mushroom styles as well as key, knob and lever operators. Offers easy actuation and is available in assorted colors for coding control panels in pneumatic control systems.
  • Air Pilot Operators: ideal for remote actuation of valves using a pneumatic signal. The pilot ports feature 10-32 (F) & 1/8 NPT (F) threads to accommodate system requirements.
  • Cam Operators: available in two tyles for use with our push button valves. Manufactured from steel, these durable cams contain a unique acetal pad which minimizes side load and virtually eliminates wear.
  • Micro Gauges: ideal for space constrained applications that require separate pressure readings. They can also be mounted on our “11” Series Air Pressure Regulators with extended gauge port, providing a point of use pressure indicator.
  • Thumb Operators: manufactured from steel with an electroless nickel plated finish and provides a greater tactile surface to reduce operator fatigue. A unique acetal pad virtually eliminates wear and minimizes side load.
  • Heavy Duty Operators: available in push and push-to-lock styles that are rugged enough for industrial use and feature black anodized coating for corrosion resistance.
  • Shrouded Button Operators: manufactured from anodized and plated aluminum for corrosion resistance, these push button valves provide a large, .875 diameter tactile surface for actuation.  Choose from a variety of colors in raised and flush button options.
  • Ball Operators: features rugged brass construction that is electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance. Designed with a 15/32-32 mounting thread and provides an actuation force ranging from 3 to 11lbs at 125 psi.
  • Mounting Brackets: provide a convenient method of mounting directional control valves to a machine member. Manufactured from electro nickel plated steel and offered in flat and 90° angle options.

Pneumatic Components & Systems Manufacturing

Pneumadyne is a manufacturer of standard miniature pneumatic valve accessories. We can also assist you with design and engineering of custom pneumatic components or full pneumatic control systems.
Contact us for more information about our pneumatic valve accessories. Didn't find what you're looking for? Request a Quote for custom requirements.

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