110-Volt AC Solenoid Operated 3-Way Valves

110-Volt AC Solenoid | 110V AC 3-Way Solenoid Valves | Pneumadyne
Pneumadyne offers 110-volt AC solenoid operated 3-way valves with a variety of connector options, including spade connectors, line connectors, 90° connectors, and flying leads. Our solenoid operated valves are designed for plumbing convenience and mounting versatility. The 1 watt, 15mm solenoid operator delivers fast response time with minimal power consumption.
Pneumadyne’s 3-way normally open valves feature a balanced spool design and 10-32 (F) ports. Precision machining and our exclusive PnueTef™ plating ensure long working life and reliable performance, and allow the use of either lubricated or non-lubricated air with our solenoid operated valves.
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