Solenoid Operated 4-Way Valves: 110-Volt AC Solenoid Valves

110-Volt AC Solenoid Valves | Solenoid Operated 4-Way Valves
Pneumadyne manufactures 110-Volt AC Solenoid Operated 4-Way Valves with a range of connectors, including spade connectors, flying leads, line connectors and 90° connectors. These solenoid valves offer fast response times and are ideal for applications that require low power consumption. They also offer high flow rates. Pneumadyne’s exclusive PneuTef™ enables use with both lubricated and non-lubricated air, and extends product life. 110-Volt AC Solenoid Operated 4-Way Valves are available in two configurations for convenient plumbing and installation.

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