1/4 Tube Id (Reducing Tees)

1/4 Tube Id (Reducing Tees)

A variety of Pneu-Edge® Reducing Tees are available to accommodate your tubing requirements. Our popular single-barb design ensures a tighter grip and seal than traditional multiple barb fittings. Polyurethane tubing relaxes behind the barb resulting in a permanent installation without the need for clamps. A smoother approach angle also eases tubing installation. Our solderless joint technology eliminates pull-out potential and ensures straight barb alignment.

  • Larger thru-hole for maximized flow
  • Smoother tubing approach angle eases installation
  • Electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance
  • Precision machined, high quality fittings
  • Recommended for use with Polyurethane tubing
  • Solderless joint technology
    Price Each: Call for Price
    Total Price: $0.00


    Performance Data

    • Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 125 psi
    • Flow Rate: Download Performance Data Spec Sheet for detailed information

    CAD Library

    Click here to search for and download a CAD model of this Pneumadyne component on Bimba.com.