Case Study


Stainless Valve Initiates Chip Cleaning Process

Stainless Valve Initiates Chip Cleaning Process

Customer Application:
Cleaning in the semiconductor industry is a highly corrosive process. A manufacturer of chip cleaning equipment contacted us for a pneumatic interlock device that would ensure a machine’s door was closed prior to this action. Since the valve would be installed inside of the machine, it was imperative that it wouldn’t be destroyed by the chemicals used.

Application Requirements:

  • Withstand harsh chemical environment
  • Large overstroke for easy adjustment

Pneumadyne’s Solution:
After evaluating the system’s pneumatic circuitry, Pneumadyne engineers determined that our fully ported “300” Series valve was ideal for the application. A custom overstroke operator was designed to actuate the valve while providing the door latch with an over-travel for adjustment purposes.

  • 303 stainless materials
  • Overstroke up to ¼” for door adjustment
  • Miniature size

Modifications are occasionally made to standard components to meet individual application requirements. Contact us today to discuss your specific fluid handling needs.

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