Case Study


Valve Block Delivers Ink to Printer Head

Valve Block Delivers Ink to Printer Head

Customer Application:
A manufacturer of industrial printers contacted Pneumadyne to consolidate several ink components into a single, easy to install block. Their existing circuitry was difficult to assemble, required a large amount of space and had several potential leak points.

Application Requirements:

  • Reduce the number of components used in the system
  • Materials had to be compatible with ink
  • Limited space available
  • Eliminate leak points
  • Simplify the method of changing the ink supply bags

Pneumadyne’s Solution:
The development of this distinctive valve block reduced the space required for the fluid control circuit within in the printer. Consolidating components also eliminated potential leak points and improved the customer’s assembly process.

  • An integrated vacuum signal, primer pump, shut-off valve, screen, orifice and check valve
  • Pneu-Edge® fittings ensure permanent tubing installation
  • A lightweight aluminum body
  • A quick coupling for ink bag connection & disconnection

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