Case Studies

Plastic Valve Helps Monitor Atmosphere in Mining Applications

Customer Application:
Testing the levels of toxic gases in a mine’s atmosphere is crucial for the protection of the miners. A manufacturer of these testing devices contacted Pneumadyne for a valve that could fit in the equipment that had already been designed for this application. The materials of construction also had to be considered to ensure that the valve would not cause a spark if exposed to a toxic gas.

Application Requirements:

  • Valve had to be manufactured from plastic
  • Low actuation force
  • Fit specific thickness requirement

Pneumadyne’s Solution:
When evaluating a customer’s fluid handling circuit, we occasionally find that modifications can be made to standard products to fit the application. Our standard “400” Series control valve configuration was ideal for this project, however, a few minor changes were necessary to accommodate the environment and size requirements.

  • An acetal valve body and internals to prevent spark
  • Custom ground material to fit the measuring device

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