Case Studies

Custom lightweight connector used in Agriculture Industry - Pneumadyne

Customer Application

An equipment manufacturer in the Agriculture industry contacted Pneumadyne to design a connector that could secure two air lines, two nitrogen lines and one high pressure nitrogen line at a remote distribution point.

Application Requirements

  • Connector had to be easy to mount on the side of the customer’s machine
  • Materials must withstand outdoor use
  • Provide a strain relief for five ¼” OD tubes
  • A distribution box was also needed to centrally locate all incoming lines

Pneumadyne’s Solution

In addition to the custom distribution box, Pneumadyne engineers designed a lightweight connector to house the tubing lines at the remote location. This new design reduced the size and complexity of the original component and also simplified installation.

  • Acetyl cone provides a strain relief and ensures that the tubing cannot be pulled out of the connector ports
  • Aluminum base contains mounting holes to speed assembly at the remote site
  • Five push-to-connect ports ease tubing installation

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