Case Study


Single Block Assembly Controls a Pneumatic Lift Device

Single block assembly to control pneumatic lift

Customer Application:
A lift device manufacturer contacted Pneumadyne engineers to design a system that would pneumatically control the raising, lowering, tilting and angling of their mechanism. While the weight of the system had to be taken into consideration, the space allotted for the pneumatic circuitry was also extremely limited.

Application Requirements:

  • Circuit had to be able to lock cylinders in position
  • A Relief was required for cylinder shock protection
  • Limited space was available for component installation
  • The assembly had to be lightweight to ensure proper function of the lift device

Pneumadyne’s Solution:
By consolidating components into a single block assembly, Pneumadyne engineers were able to accommodate the weight and space limitations of the application.  The resulting manifold assembly features a common input port that feeds three valve blocks.  To control the raising, lowering, tilting and angling of the device, each valve block contains: 

  • Two solenoid valves
  • Two relief valves
  • Two pilot-operated check valves

Consolidating these components also allowed us to reduce the number of fittings and the time required to plumb all of the valves, simplifying the installation of the pneumatic circuit.

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