Case Study


Liquid Pump Control Features Pneumadyne's New Pilot Operated Cartridge Valves

Liquid pneumatic pump circuit

Customer Application:
A manufacturer of liquid pump controls contacted Pneumadyne to re-design their pneumatic circuit. Their existing equipment consisted of numerous fittings, ball valves and individual components which were difficult and time-consuming to assemble and resulted in multiple potential leak-points.

Application Requirements:

  • Reduce overall power consumption of the circuit
  • Meet specific high flow requirements
  • Regulate system pressure
  • Reduce the number of potential leak points
  • Isolate the individual circuits

Pneumadyne’s Solution:
By integrating components Pneumadyne Engineers were able to eliminate potential leak-points, improve the appearance of the circuit and reduce the customer’s field assembly time and cost.

  • Valve blocks feature two of Pneumadyne’s new C500 Pilot Operated Cartridge Valves
  • Shut-off blocks are included to isolate the circuitry
  • Filter/Regulator
  • A single input port supplies pressure to all three circuits
  • Inline pressure gauges provide constant input and output pressure reading
  • A surface mount Regulator is integrated in the valve block and controls
  • Three output ports feature swivel push-to-connect elbows for tubing alignment purposes
  • Power consumption was reduced from 12 Watts by using a 1 Watt solenoid as a pilot to operate the internal cartridge valves
  • The modular design of the assembly easily accommodates single, double or triple circuits in the customer’s application

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