Case Study


Valve Bank Feeds Four Separate Generators

Valve bank with four separate generators

Customer Application

A manufacturer of laboratory testing equipment requested a dual feed valve that would enable them to disconnect either input without disrupting media flow.  Their existing circuit was difficult to assemble, had several potential leak points and occupied a large amount of space in their equipment.

Application Requirements

  • Meet specific flow & pressure requirements
  • "Clean up" the circuit
  • Speed component installation
  • Accommodate dual input functionality
  • Ability to disconnect one input without disrupting flow

Pneumadyne’s Solution

Pneumadyne engineers developed a valve bank which incorporates four detented toggle valves and two check valves to accommodate the customer's function requirements.  Consolidating components into one block:

  • Eliminates numerous fittings & cut tube lengths, thereby, decreasing the number of potential leak points in the circuit
  • Provides plumbing convenience and eases installation
  • Requires less space in the test equipment
  • Improves the overall appearance of the circuit

Pneumadyne also laser engraved the block for valve identification purposes.

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