Case Study


Valve Controls Flushing System in Large Yachts

Custom valve to control flushing system in a large yacht

Customer Application:
A manufacturer of marine plumbing systems contacted Pneumadyne for a valve which would control the flushing system in large yachts. Since the valve had to fit into an existing molded plastic plate, our engineers were working with very specific space parameters.

Application Requirements:

  • Aesthetically appealing to user
  • Fit in an existing fixture
  • Compatible with salt water
  • Able to accommodate grey water contaminates

Pneumadyne’s Solution:
Minor modifications can often be made to standard Pneumadyne components to meet the needs of a customer’s application. In this case, changes were made to one of our “300” Series valves to accommodate the space, media and environment requirements.

  • PVC valve resists the effects of salt water
  • Tapered base to fit the application’s fixture
  • Extended button and bevel for wall mount
  • Large internal passage to allow for grey water contaminates

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