Case Study


Bulkhead Connector Controls Lift Device

Bulkhead connector for automotive lift

Customer Application:
A manufacturer of automotive lift devices contacted Pneumadyne to re-design a component used in their pneumatic circuit. Their previous valve consisted of four plastic components which were prone to breaking in the device. Although simple in design, the valve had to control the amount of flow allowed into the lift in order to control the speed of the lift.

Application Requirements:

  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Able to control the speed of the lift

Pneumadyne’s Solution: After reviewing the pneumatic circuitry of the lift, Pneumadyne engineers were able to condense the customer’s existing assembly into one durable, easy-to-install component. Features include:

  • Fixed orifice check valve
  • Right-angle configuration
  • ¼ and 8 mm push-to-connect ports
  • Bulkhead style for direct installation

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