Case Study


Distinctive Valve Assembly Saves Time, Space & Money

A dental equipment manufacturer contacted Pneumadyne to evaluate their existing pneumatic circuit.

Customer Application:
Prior to contacting Pneumadyne, a dental equipment manufacturer’s circuit was difficult and expensive to assemble. Individual components required a large amount of space in their equipment and numerous cut lengths of tubing connected the components, resulting in several potential leak points.

Application Requirements:

  • Eliminate cut lengths of tubing
  • Reduce component size
  • Provide an installation-ready product
  • Accommodate specific flow and pressure specifications

Pneumadyne's Solution:
After evaluating the existing circuit, Pneumadyne engineers were able to consolidate components, thereby, reducing space requirements, eliminating potential leak points, easing product installation and reducing our customer's assembly costs.  This distinctive valve assembly features:

  • A pre-set precision pressure regulator
  • Two solenoid valves with connectors
  • Fittings with precision orifices
  • A needle valve
  • System 100% pre-set for flow & pressure, ready for installation
  • Custom regulator input for panel mounting

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