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Motorcyclists Ride On Air with Pneumadyne Valves

Motorcyclists Ride On Air with Pneumadyne Valves

Customer Application:
Adjustable air suspension has become an important feature in the manufacture of motorcycles. Several companies have contacted Pneumadyne for pneumatic components that can inflate and deflate the shocks on their bikes. While the circuitry is often different, many of the application requirements remain the same.

Application Requirements:

  • Valve assembly must withstand vibration, heat and weather
  • Limited space is available for installation
  • Valves must accommodate high pressures

Pneumadyne’s Solution:
With miniaturization and integration as the goal, Pneumadyne engineers focus on the base for our 15 mm solenoid valves. Incorporating a check valve, push-to-connect cartridges or 1/8 NPT (F) fittings into the base decreases the number of potential leak points and greatly reduces the size of the valve assembly. Many of the air suspension valves developed by our engineers also share the following features:

  • 300 psi solenoid valves
  • Epoxy sealed connectors for moisture resistance
  • Compact and rugged designs
  • Built-in check valves to hold system pressure

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