Momentary Toggle Control Valve

Momentary Toggle Control Valve
Momentary Toggle Control Valve

The .170 tube id barb input port is offered on two styles of Pneumadyne valves to accommodate application requirements.

Our "0" Series valve, part number F0-30-5, features a swivel input port for alignment purposes.

The "3" Series valve, part number F3-30-5, offers the swivel input port as well as a 10-32 (F) exhaust port for the removal of exhaust flow from the applications.

  • Electroless nickel plated and black anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Compact size is ideal for space constrained applications
  • Durable nylon momentary toggles
  • Poppet design contributes to long product life
  • Locknuts (2) and washer provided

    Performance Data

    • Operating Pressure: 0 to 125 psi
    • Flow Rate: Ranges from 15.4 to 17.3 scfm at 125 psi depending upon valve selected. Download Performance Data for specific information.

    CAD Library

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