90° Connector (12V DC 4-Way Valves, Double Solenoid)

90° Connector (12V DC 4-Way Valves, Double Solenoid)

Pneumadyne's Double Solenoid Operated 4-way valves are available in two configurations to accommodate your flow and application requirements. Our 1 watt 15 mm solenoid operators feature a fast response time and low power consumption.


Our "20" Series valves (part numbers start with S20) have 10-32 (F) ports and a flow rate of 12.1 scfm at 125 psi. Two body styles are offered for plumbing convenience.


The "22" Series valve, part numer S22U42-DS-12-4, features 1/8 NPT (F) ports and provides a flow rate of 40 scfm at 125 psi.


Precision machining and an exclusive plating process contribute to a long product life and enable the valves to be used in lubricated and non-lubricated air applications.

  • Balanced spool design
  • For use with lubricated or non-lubricated air
  • Fast response times
  • Low power consumption
  • 5-Port 2-Position (5/2) valves
  • High flow rates

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    Performance Data

    • Operating Pressure: Download Performace Data for complete valve specifications
    • Flow Rate: Ranges from 12.1 to 40 scfm at 125 psi depending upon the valve selected. Download Performance Data for specific information

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