Composite Bulkhead Connectors

Composite Bulkhead Connectors
Composite Bulkhead Connectors

To accommodate installation requirements, three styles of Bulkhead Connectors are available from Pneumadyne.  Choose from the standard union style bulkhead, a female bulkhead and an elbow bulkhead to meet your configuration needs.  Recommended for use with 95A Polyurethane, Nylon and Polyethylene tubing, these fittings accommodate tube sizes ranging from 1/8" OD to 1/2" OD.  The oval design of the release button provides a larger surface area making tubing disconnection easier than standard round-style collets.

  • Nickel plated brass contstruction
  • Oval release button eases tubing disconnection
  • Stainless steel gripper ring
  • Vacuum applications to 29.5" Hg

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