5/32" Push-in Input Port (Pressure Regulators)


Pneumadyne manufactures two styles of Pressure Regulators to maintain a preset downstream pressure in a pneumatic circuit.

The "0" Series Regulators, part numbers R0-RK-7 & R0-RP-7, have a swivel input port that accommodates the natural twist of polyurethane tubing.

Pneumadyne's "11" Series Pressure Regulators (part numbers begin with R11) feature a swivel output port for alignment purposes. Push-in connections on both the input and output ports speed tubing installation. An extended gauge port is also available on the output for on-site pressure readings.

  • Knurled or acetal control knob
  • Black anodized and electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance
  • Swivel ports accommodate critical aligment requirements
  • Push-to-connect ports speed tubing installation
  • Direct gauge mount available
  • Mounting versatility

    CAD Library

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    Performance Data

    • Operating Pressure: 30 to 125 psi
    • Flow Rate: 22 scfm at 125 psi.