10mm & 15mm Solenoid Valve Accessories

10mm Solenoid Valve Accessories | 15mm Solenoid Valve Accessories

Pneumadyne offers a variety of solenoid accessories for our 10mm and 15mm solenoid valves. Our solenoid valve accessories are built with the same high-quality materials and engineered to the same high standards as our solenoid valves themselves. Durable and easy to install, our solenoid accessories provide quick-connection options for your pneumatic circuit, improving the versatility and usability of your 10mm or 15mm solenoid valves.

Options for Solenoid Accessories

  • 300mm plug-in connector
  • 500mm plug-in connector
  • 1000mm plug-in connector
  • DIN connector
  • Molded DIN connector with 2m cord
  • Molded DIN connector with 2m cord and activation light

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